Marnie Palmer-Lang
Marnie Palmer-Lang

Marnie Palmer-Lang

Artistic Director/Owner

I am Marnie Palmer-Lang, owner/director of Dance Elite Studio for the Arts.

I was 3 years old when I started dancing. I remember loving the studio as soon as I arrived. I immediately enjoyed the music and the friendliness of the teachers. In fact, I stayed there until

I graduated high school! There was something about that studio. It was my home from home. The teachers became my family and I had strong friendships with my dance friends. My confidence grew as I was offered opportunities to push myself further while

having fun at the same time. Having teachers who believed in me at a young age helped me pursue my dreams. And then there was the dancing. I don’t know exactly when I first felt the amazing freedom of movement, but when I danced I let it all go. I moved with my whole heart. There was no judgement. No worry. Just joy.

So I became a dance teacher. I wanted to share that joyful experience and passion for dance with others. I went to the University of Waterloo where I achieved an honours degree in dance and have now been teaching for over 25 years. I have won numerous awards for my choreography including two medals for Team Canada at the I.D.O World’s Showdance Championships in Germany. I am also a member of the Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association and Dance Masters of America.

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