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Marnie Palmer-Lang

I am Marnie Palmer-Lang, owner/director of Dance Elite Studio for the Arts.

I was 3 years old when I started dancing. I remember loving the studio as soon as I arrived. I immediately enjoyed the music and the friendliness of the teachers. In fact, I stayed there until

I graduated high school! There was something about that studio. It was my home from home. The teachers became my family and I had strong friendships with my dance friends. My confidence grew as I was offered opportunities to push myself further while

having fun at the same time. Having teachers who believed in me at a young age helped me pursue my dreams.

And then there was the dancing. I don’t know exactly when I first felt the amazing freedom of movement, but when I danced I let it all go. I moved with my whole heart. There was no judgement. No worry. Just joy.

So I became a dance teacher. I wanted to share that joyful experience and passion for dance with others. I went to the University of Waterloo where I achieved an honours degree in dance and have now been teaching for over 29 years. I have won numerous awards for my choreography including two medals for Team Canada at the I.D.O World’s Showdance Championships in Germany. I am also a member of the Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association and Dance Masters of America.

Our Studio

20 years ago, I opened my own dance studio, wanting to create that ‘home away from home’ feeling I had in my dance community growing up. And that is exactly what we have created. Our students say that Dance Elite ‘feels like home’. They also say they feel relaxed, supported and like they can be themselves. We support each student to bring their own personality to the studio and to their dancing. We celebrate the learning and the laughs that happen in the studio each and every day.

For our students that want to progress in dance, we also offer opportunities to advance through mentoring, preparing for exams and helping them to see the possibilities for the future. All of our staff are certified, adult teachers who are as passionate about dance and sharing the joy of movement as I am. We love our teachers and know you will too!

Our Philosophy

As a student, I responded very well to teachers who maintained a positive attitude. I take the same positive approach as a teacher and as director of the studio, so that dancers feel they can move and explore movement without being judged. At Dance Elite, our aim is to build confidence and nurture talent in everyone who dances with us.

We help our students to grow as dancers AND as people.
We invite you and/or your child to join us in our ‘home away from home’ to experience the joy that is
Find YOUR freedom at Dance Elite!


All dancers registered in dance programs will have the opportunity to participate in the Dance Elite annual recital held at the end of May. This professional presentation is the chance for participants to showcase their hard work, with professional staging, lighting and sets. Family, friends and the general public are invited. Dance Elite strives to provide students with a professional and memorable experience. Specially fitted costumes are ordered for every participant in advance of the recital. The Dance Elite staff are looking forward to sharing the showcase weekend with all students!


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