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CDTA Dance Exams

CDTAStudents of Dance Elite have the opportunity to participate in dance exams through the Canadian Dance Teacher`s Association (CDTA). We offer dance examinations in the areas of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Students who exhibit exceptional work ethic in class and strong technique may be approached by their dance teacher to participate in CDTA exams. Exam classes commence at the beginning of June and the exam is held at the end of the month.

Participating in dance exams has many benefits:

  • Students will further refine their dance technique
  • Students will learn to study and apply themselves to a specific goal
  • Students will learn how to memorize substantial amounts of information and how to perform under pressure
  • Students will receive feedback on how to better themselves as a dancer
  • Students will learn to stay focused and strive to improve their own technique and performance
  • If you are interested in participating in a CDTA dance exam and require further information please speak to one of our faculty members.
Student Assistant Teachers

Dance Elite students, age 10 years and older, have the opportunity to be a Student Assistant Teacher. Assistant Teachers volunteer to help out in our Preschool, Kinder Ballet, Combination, and Primary classes to aid Dance Elite faculty members in class through preparation, organization and demonstration. This position is a full year commitment and requires the volunteer to attend their assigned class once a week and help out at the end of the year during our recital week, both behind the scenes and on stage.

Volunteering as an Assistant Student Teacher has many benefits:

  • Assistants will develop a close relationship with other assistant teachers and Dance Elite faculty through mentoring and team building activities throughout the dance season
  • Assistants will gain experience working with small children
  • Assistants will get the opportunity to mentor young children
  • Assistants will learn the proper structure of a dance class
  • Assistants will learn how to break down steps and teach basic technique
  • Assistants will learn about musicality
  • Assistants can use these volunteer hours towards their high school graduation hours

If you are interested in assisting in the future, please continue to check the website for information at the beginning of each season.

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